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The initial drive behind the TRAIN website was the lack of accessible websites for upper KS2 deaf children. However, whilst the materials have originally been produced for deaf children they are intended to be accessible to a wider range of pupils with special educational needs.

Teaching resources are aimed at pupils who are still developing their understanding of English as a first or second language.  The simplicity of the language and the use of photographs to support the text enables pupils to work more independently than they are able to on other sites.


Key Features

  • The sentence structure and vocabulary range is kept simple to ensure it is accessible to pupils with reading skills at level 1 – 2. 

  • Extensive use is made of photographs and pictures.

  • Icons help pupils’ navigate around the site.

  • The site includes teachers’ pages outlining how the pages may be used and the option of printing worksheets to provide a focus and structure for pupils’ work. 

  • Teaching resources linked to National Curriculum programmes of Study

  • Subject based links to other sites accessible to this group of pupils
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