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trainHome  Awards 2001 - 2003About the Becta/The Guardian UK Education Web Site Awards 2002

About the Becta/The Guardian UK Education Web Site Awards 2002

BECTA/Guardian Education Website Award Logos

These Awards have been set up to celebrate excellence in web publishing supporting education for all. They encourage creativity, originality, new content and new participants in the world of web site communication. The quality of the content, design, functionality, audience awareness and interactivity were deciding factors in making the 2002 Awards. 

The Awards aim to showcase the best of educational web publishing, and encourage organisations and institutions to contribute to the National Grid for Learning. 

For further information see The Becta Website

Some of the reasons why the judges awarded this site were: 

  • Real examples of high quality teaching resources made available to all through the web medium. 
  • Design focus of the pages was to increase pupils' understanding of historical enquiry skills. 
  • Design is brilliantly simple yet effective. 
  • Clear language and tone across all areas of the site. 
  • Content is of high quality: focussed and purposeful. 
  • Simple yet effective use has been made of the technology. 
  • Consideration has been given to offering short download times. 
  • The school is for deaf pupils and, whilst this is the context of the site, this is not highlighted: these are examples of high quality teaching materials for any pupils- an effective model which could be replicated in other schools.

Awards 2001 - 2002

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