Schools for the Deaf

Copyright Wendy Pallant 2001

Select an area on a UK map (eg North) to bring up a list of schools for the deaf.  Schools with websites include a link to the site.  It can be used to

  • increase pupils' awareness of the name, type, age and location of different schools for the deaf

  • increase the pupils' awareness of different types of communication

Teaching ideas

UK Schools for the Deaf: 

Resources needed


Children use the RCPS Website to choose 3 different Schools for the Deaf. 

They use the web pages to go to different school's sites and find

  • the location of the school

  • if they sign

  • if they are residential

  • the age range. 

They use colour coding to complete the worksheet.

Choose one focus

Resources needed


Children use the site to look at different school's websites to find out about their communication, residential facilities or age range.  Colour code the location on the map.  They could combine data from the UK Schools for the Deaf Table.