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An audiogram is a graph.

Loudness is measured in decibels (dB). 

dB on an audiogram are  called 'Hearing Level'. 

 10dB is quiet and 100 dB is loud.

a blank audiogram

The numbers called 'Frequency' are the pitch.  A small number is a low sound and a big number is a high sound.

Speech is made of different sounds.

Speech sounds can be drawn on the audiogram.  They are between the 10dB and 60dB lines.

Vowel sounds like oo, ah, ay and ee are low and loud. 

Sounds like m, n and ng are low but quiet.  

Other sounds like d, t, s, f and th are high and quiet. 

Speech sounds on an audiogram

Words with no high sounds are hard to understand.

  eg  'a ou uera i?'
(Can you understand this?)

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