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Cochlear Implants

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  • British Cochlear Implant Group is a professional body representing all the Cochlear Implant Centres and other specialist medical practitioners throughout the United Kingdom. This Web Site provides information for medical professionals, people with Cochlear Implants and potential patients and their families.
  • Cochlear Implanted Children's Support Group CICS Founded by parents whose children have cochlear implants, the CICS Group was formed to help others whose children already have implants and those who are thinking about an implant for their child.
  • The Ear Foundation: a national UK charity to support deaf children and young people with cochlear implants, their families and supporting professionals.  They provide information, workshops and training for families and professionals, specialist assessment and rehabilitation materials and research and development

  • National Deaf Children's Society exclusively dedicated to supporting all deaf children, young deaf people and their families.  Click here for their introduction to cochlear implants and deaf children

  • SENSE publication on Cochlear Implantation for deafblind children

  • What is a Cochlear Implant?: A website for teenagers.  Clear information in a magazine format.


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