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Signing Online
BSL now has the same status as Welsh and Scottish Gaelic. More people use BSL daily than either of these other languages! The government finally recognised British Sign Language as an official language on 18 March 2003.

British Sign Language/Sign Supported English Online

Screen shot of website

Includes an online introductory course for 15 a year.

Screen from BritishSignLanguage.comSee animated photos of sign. 

Find signs from an alphabetical list, topic lists or common phrases. Also includes downloadable chart of the fingerspelling alphabet.  

Screen from Redditch Deaf Club Vocabulary Redditch Deaf Club: Animated line drawings of signs selected from alphabetical list.  177 signs included.

Multi-channel signs listed separately.

Also includes information on BSL handshapes and fingerspelling.

Screen from Online BSL/English Dictionaries with video clips of BSL signs for:
Screen from Christian Signs Christian Signs

Search for individual signs.

Watch BSL video diaries

Screen from Girl Guides Association Index of BSL Materials Signs for Guides and Brownies

See animated pictures for Taps, The brownie and guide promises and songs.

Screen from SignPost ITV SignPost

Line Drawing IconLinks to sites with line drawings of signs and fingerspelling

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