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Signs and Fingerspelling Drawings

British Sign Language/Sign Supported English

Website Signs Fingerspelling


irectory of  signing classes in the UK

Useful signs: A4 pages to print.  Choose from:

Questions & days, work signs, colours, numbers

A4 page of fingerspelling line drawings to print

Questions, Myths and Information

Line drawings of basic signs Fingerspelling &Deaf-blind Alphabet

Type a letter or a word and see line drawings


BDA Logo

  Download the BDA Fingerspelling font for your PC.

Print out a fingerspelling card


  Animated fingerspelling.  Choose a letter or type in a word

Cleveland Sign Resource Project

One of the BSL number systems used in the UK Print out the BSL, American and
Deaf-Blind Alphabets

Girl Guide Website Logo

Line drawings of a few basic signs British Fingerspelling

American Fingerspelling

Video Clip Icon Links to sites with Online Video Clips and Animations

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