Information Sources and Organisations concerning Deafness
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Other Signing Systems

Makaton Logo Makaton is a system of signs devised for hearing people with learning and/or communication difficulties.
Sign2me Logo Sign 2 Me: A website about signing with hearing babies to improve communication before they can talk.

Sign with your baby: A UK website by a mother of hearing children who has used sign with her young children.

Signalong Logo Signalong is a sign-supporting system based on British Sign Language. It is designed to help children and adults with communication difficulties, mostly associated with learning disabilities. The Signalong Group has researched and published the widest range of signs in Britain.
Cued Speech Association UK Logo Cued Speech Association UK: Cued Speech is a system of handshapes to represent speech sounds.  They are signed near the mouth to support lip-reading.
Working Party on Signed English Logo Working Party on Signed English: a specialised system of signing designed to be used as an aid to teaching English to deaf children.


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