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Subtitles on television

Many television programmes have subtitles

You can get subtitles on any television with Teletext.  Press 888 to see the subtitles.

Video Players
A video player lets you record television programmes.  Most videos cannot record subtitles from the television. You need to buy a video player that can record subtitles.

This is the Panasonic 710 Video Recorder.

This video can 

  • record subtitles from the television

  • show closed captions from videos

Films on Video 
Some videos have 'closed captions'. You need a special box or video player to show them.

This is the Closed Captions Symbol.  Look for this picture symbol on the video box.
"This registered service mark identifies programs closed captioned by National Captioning Institute. Used with permission."

Most DVDs have subtitles.  Deaf people can see the subtitles on any DVD player.
Subtitles at the Cinema

See the RNID website for films at cinemas with subtitles.


Thankyou to the RNID for allowing us to use these photos
from their Online Catelogue.

Copyright Wendy Pallant 2002