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  History Links

Britain in the 1950s

Look at a 1950s room. What is wrong?
Kings and Queens

Poge de Almeida

Kings and Queens: All pictures.

Look at a Roman street. What is wrong?

Look at a Tudor street. What is wrong?
Drake - look at a map
Snaith Primary School Sir Francis Drake sailed round the world.  Read about what happened.
The Globe Theatre - a virtual tour.  This theatre is new but it is the same as the Tudor theatre.
SchoolHistory.co.uk The Spanish Armada

The Mary Rose Organisation

The Mary Rose: The story of the Mary Rose, Meet the crew, look at a 3D model and look at evidence

Find out more about the crew


Look at a Victorian street. What is wrong?

Victorian Web

Pictures of Queen Victoria
Look at pictures of toys.  Which are Victorian?
Rich Victorian Children

Poor Victorian Children

Follow the Yarn: Find out about Cotton, Preston and the World.  Good pictures but some text is hard.

Look at a Viking house. What is wrong?


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