The History of Our School

Developing skills in historical enquiry

The site is well illustrated and text is kept as simple as possible to make it accessible to pupils with special needs.

It can be used to

  • introduce pupils to different types of historical sources

  • illustrate how we can use historical sources to find out about the past

  • provide a context for chronology and historical vocabulary

Teaching ideas

  • Historical Sources: Ask pupils to list the different sources of evidence used within this site.

  • Using sources of evidence:

    • Provide pupils with a 2 column table.  Children should use the site to list 10 historical facts and its the source.

    • Ask the children to think of 5 questions about the school.  They should search the site and try to find the answers.  

  • Chronology: Pupils should be given a blank timeline spanning 1890 to 2010.  Ask the pupils to plot

    • key events in the history of the school

    • pupil numbers over time

    • name changes

    • building alterations

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