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All Sikhs must try to be in the Khalsa.  Sikhs in the Khalsa promise to keep the Khalsa rules and wear the 5Ks.  To be in the Khalsa Sikhs are baptised with Amirt. Amrit is made from water and sugar. 

The first 5 men baptised into the Khalsa
These men were the first people in the Khalsa.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji first baptised 5 Sikhs in 1699.  

The 5 Sikh men wore saffron (orange) clothes.  They said 5 special prayers and drank from the same bowl.  This showed all people are equal.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave people in the Khalsa the same name.  Men are called Singh.  Singh means lion.  Ladies are called Kaur.  Kaur means princess.   


Thank you to Rajinder Singh for giving permission 
to use these pictures from www.info-sikh.com


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