Find out about animal groups, food chains and habitats

This site is well illustrated and text is kept as simple as possible to make it accessible to pupils with special needs.

It can be used to

  • introduce pupils to animals groups and their main characteristics

  • reinforce concepts and vocabulary linked to food chains

  • reinforce awareness of different habitats

Teaching ideas

  • Animal Groups: 

    • Describe features: The animal groups pages outline the main characteristics of 6 major animal groups - mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects.  Children should be able to list the main characteristics of each group.  Print the Animal Classification Worksheet.  Children should draw/label a picture for each feature outlined on the Animal group pages of this website.  Once they know the main features this knowledge can be used to classify other animals.  This worksheet is similar but can be completed away from the computer.  It could be given for homework.

    • Give examples: Children should be able to give examples of animals from each category.   Open the Animal Group Worksheet in a new window.  Tell the children to choose examples from each group and then cut & paste a picture to complete the table. 

    • Food Chains: Children need to be able to construct Food Chains and demonstrate understanding of scientific vocabulary.  They should know to start with a plant.  Clicking on pictures of individual animals links to information about that animal.  It includes information needed to make food chains.  Children should open the Food Chain Worksheet in a new window.  They should cut & paste pictures/names to make food chains.

  • Database

    • Children should collect data about different animals and then enter the information on a database.  They can then use the database to answer questions about food chains and habitats.  Children should print the Animal Data Worksheet.

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