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Animal Groups, Food Chains and Habitats
Activity: Make food chains and use scientific words.
Nature Explorer by Kent NGfL Find out about animal groups, habitats & food chains from Nature Explorer.
Find out about animals groups, habitats & food chains.  The teacher's page lists worksheets to structure the use of these pages
Primary Resources Logo Cut out animal and plant pictures and make food chains
Healthy Humans
Choose Online Activity 
Sort sweets and medicines 
Activity: Find out about food groups and make a healthy meal
Fact Sheet: Reproduction, teeth and staying healthy
Living Things

Activity: What all living things do
Choose Online Activity 
What plants need
Activity about plant needs 
Fact Sheet
about the life cycle, plant needs and parts 
Find out about plant parts and what they do
Skeletons, Muscles & Organs 

Activity about skeletons 
Fact Sheet about heart & blood, pulse, joints & muscles
 Light and Shadows
Choose Online Activity 
Sequence brightness of light sources
Match shadows to a clock face
Sciencezone Shadows and the sun Watch shadows change.
Light Games
Game 1: Use mirrors to direct light.

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Match sound to picture
Earth & Beyond
Choose Online Activity 
The Earth and the Moon
Sciencezone The sun, the Earth and the moon Good pictures.  Ask for help with the reading.
The Sun, The Earth and the Moon - shows orbits
Materials and their properties

Choose Online Activity

Match properties to objects
Introduce insulators: match insulators to places in a building

Material Activities: Sorting activities.  Ask for help with reading.

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  Video clips and questions about Forces

Forces Activities: Magnetism, Gravity/Friction and Springs/Direction


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