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  • English Links (Alphabet, Books, Reading Games, Sounds, Spelling, Writing)
  • Development Writing
  • Letters: Find out about features and types
  • Powerpoint Presentation for teachers to use with pupils on Spelling Plurals with 'y' and spelling verbs in the past in English
  • Report about elephants
Go to Maths Maths
  • Maths Links
  • 'Order Numbers' uses PowerPoint.  Click the numbers in order (TU and HTU)
  • 'Counting On to Take Away' uses Powerpoint.  Use counting on to work out Take Away
  • PowerPoint Presentations for teachers to use with pupils on 'Introducing Counting On', 'Read & Write Numbers' and 'Think of a Number' (Number Properties), Introduce X using arrays, x2, 5, 10, 100; Double and Half, Handling Data in Maths;
Go to Science Science
  • Animal Groups: What are mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects?  
    • Click on the photos to find out about each animal or go to the Animal Index.
    • Worksheets to structure pupil's use of these pages outlined in the teacher's page
  • Plants: Plant parts and what they do
  • Powerpoint Presentations for teachers to use with pupils on 'Materials and Properties' and 'Plants' in Science
  • Science Links
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