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Afasic American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Dyspraxia Foundation I Can
  • Afasic is a parent-led organisation that helps children and young people who have a speech and language impairment.  Includes introduction to speech and language difficulties
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • Dyspraxia Foundation Supports individuals and families affected by developmental dyspraxia and promotes understanding and awareness of developmental dyspraxia." Site includes useful summary of problems caused by dyspraxia. 
  • I Can is a national educational charity for children with speech and language difficulties. It provides education and therapy services for pre-school and school age children with speech and language impairments.
  • Typetalk is the national telephone relay service which enables deaf, deafblind, deafened, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people to enjoy the benefits of the telephone, communicating with hearing people anywhere in the world.

Other Information

  • Apraxia-Kids a reliable and ethical source of good information on childhood apraxia as well as other related children's speech and language problems and developmental concerns

  • Caroline Bowen's website: Extensive source of information about communiation disorders for families and professionals

  • Communications Forum: "site is designed to promote awareness and knowledge of communication impairment, and to be the UK's national information resource for people with communication impairment, their carers and service providers."  Includes useful Dictionary of Terms.

  • Danny's day at school: A diary showing what it is like to be dyspraxic at school.

  • Makaton is a signing system offering a structured, multi-modal approach for the teaching of communication, language and literacy skills. Devised for children and adults with a variety of communication and learning disabilities

  • NAS Information Sheet about the links between Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder and Autism

  • Speech Teach UK has been developed to provide teaching resources for parents and professionals supporting children with speech and learning difficulties.  Includes ideas for speech therapy activities.

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