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October 2009

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June 2009

  • New link for CLIMB added to Causes in MSI.

May 2009

April 2009


  • Reading resources added to Teaching Resources. Aimed at supporting deaf children to read for meaning.  Includes sight vocabulary, work packs and assessment materials.


  • MSI (Deafblind) section restructured and expanded.  New links.
  • New links added to Listening about the LING Sounds Test
  • New link added to MSI Communication section
  • Reorganised and added links to MSI to include information about CHARGE. 
  • Added links about developing listening skills using key speech sounds.  Also includes two profiles for assessing the development of listening skills.
  • Added links about MSI (Multi/dual Sensory Impairments/deafblind)
  • Corrected links in Speech and Language Residential Schools
  • New link added to BSL - Online video and animations






The RCPS website has been divided into two sites. This should make it easier for people to access the sections they want more easily.

The RCPS website retains information about the school and samples of pupils work.  This website (called TRAIN) now contains the teaching resources and useful links.  Useful links relating to Deafness and Speech & Language Disorders have been extended.  

Existing teaching resources pages have been redesigned in line with the style of this new section.  Useful links to accessible activities and information are listed within each subject.  

The following teaching resources have been added:



  • The history of our school has been re-structured to give more emphasis to sources of evidence.
  • The Tudors: Pupils click on a family tree to find out about the different Tudor kings and queens.

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